JC-2 Series

3-Axis Robot Just Right for In-line Installation.

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aiIdeal as either a dispensing or screw tightening robot

  • Specialized software for dispensing or screw tightening operations.
    Controller features abundant interface connectors for external devices.
    Easy signal exchange using the built-in simple sequencer function; eliminates the need for a PLC.
  • User-Friendly Teaching
    For both dispensing and screw tightening specifications, programming is easy with our specialized software, “JR C-Points”.
    Using our optional PC software “JR-G Layout”, create teaching data based upon DXF files and Gerber data.
    An optional teaching pendant is also available for point teaching through JOG movement.
  • Enhanced Trajectory Performance Just Right for Dispensing Tasks
    Micro-step control and the 3 axes’ synchronous movement make for precise tracking and smooth movement with high repeatability, suitable for precision dispensing.
    Employs a slider with a long moment of equilibrium to keep the dispenser nozzle steady.
  • Needle Adjuster Compatible
    The robot remembers the correct nozzle tip position, so if the nozzle is replaced, the (optional) needle adjuster accessory automatically detects and corrects any misalignment, moving the nozzle to the programmed work position.
  • Screw tightening miss prevention function
    Program the feeder to send a stop signal when it runs out of screws.
  • Broad Variations
    Mix and match stroke sizes as you like.
  • Teaching pendant features 10 different display languages
    Switch back and forth among these languages: Japanese・English・German・Italian・Spanish・French・Korean・Simplified Chinese・Czech・Vietnamese.
  • Choose different measurement units
    Switch between coordinate values displayed in either mm or inches.
  • EMAIL US sales@hibex.com.sg or CALL +65-62748011 NOW!!!



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