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Mesh Screen Cleaner - SC-A12E-320/450
  ■ High-speed automatic cleaning. Only 4 min. from cleaning to dryin..
Mesh Screen Cleaner - SC-MM7E
  ■ Clean #500 mesh screen with our special technology ■ Drying..
Metal Stencil Cleaner - SC-A22E
  Equipped with cross-flow fans, CO2 emissions are drastically ..
Metal Stencil Cleaner - SC-A51E
■ With brush mechanism and ultrasonic power, “solder flakes” on stencils ca..
Metal Stencil Cleaner - SC-BM500E series
Automatic operation from cleaning to drying! Easy sett..
Metal Stencil Cleaner - SC-ML736E
  Easy Operation Touch Panel.Automatic operation from cleaning to dr..
Portable Cleaner - SC-1000HE
  ■ Stencil Cleaning ■ Nozzle Cleaning ■ Solder Softening ..
Portable Cleaner - SC-5000GBS
  ■ Cleaningmetal stencils, mesh screens and test printed PBCs. ■..
Portable Cleaner - SC-500HE
  ■ Metal Stencil Cleaning ■ Nozzle Cleaning ■ ICT PIN..
Portable Cleaner - SC-7000CE
  ■ This model is designed based on CE standard. ■ Metal stencils a..
Tank Type Cleaner - SC-145GAE
It may be connected with SAWA cLEAN automatic metal stencil cleaner. I..
Tank Type Cleaner - SC-HP339E
  ■ Cleaning carrier pallets ■ Cleaning test printed PCBs ..