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 GAM850 BGA Vision Rework Station Automatic
[Feature] Put the SMD components automatically to prevent the instable quality f..
GAM 320 Vision Added Automatic PCB Separator
Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision alignment system at set, great improve the pr..
GAM12n New Type SMD Chip Counter
[Feature] Automatically count the quantity of chip, efficiency for stock management...
GAM30 V-CUT PCB Separator
Firm structure be designed to prevent electronic circuit, solder point, and solder cutti..
GAM40 SMT Stencil Hole Clean Machine
Provide an immediate clean ability to the steel plate on line, ensure the quality in con..
GAM403-406-412 Ultrasonic Clean Machine
Easy for operation, conform to ergonomics. Unique design, good clean capabi..
GAM40P Pneumatic Stencil/PCB Clean Machine
Adopt structure of air pressure control system. Never cause problems in usi..
GAM40U Automatic Ultrasonic Stencil/Halftone Clean Machine
Easy for operation. Ultrasonic/clean/dry, fully function design. ..
GAM60-60A Cream Solder Mixer
[Feature] Easy to Operation:Put the solder paste can on the jig then adjust the time..
GAM62A Centrifuge Machine
A emergence stop function be designed to ensure safety operating environment ..
GAM70 Laser Vision Measurement
Ideal inspection for solder paste thickness, dealing with the increasingly growth of fin..
KP100 Semi-auto printer
Applied to diverse stencils. Easy to operater. Easy to change ..
KP500 High Speed Vision Printer
[Special feature] Auto stencil cleaning: Standard Specification, including Wet wipin..
SST X6 Reflow Oven Checker
New Type Reflow Checker, 50 hours detect time, easily download and easy to read the data..