Brand: HIOS
Product Code: BL-3000
Specifications: Icon_Guide.pdf
Specifications: Brushless_Driver_Features.jpg
Specifications: Variation_Chart.jpg
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Output TorqueRange N・m 0.2-0.55
lbf・in 1.7-4.8
(Kgf・cm) (2-5.5)
Torque Switching Stepless Adjustment
Unloaded RotationSpeed (r.p.m) ±10% HI 980
LOW 680
Screw Size(mm) Small Size Screw 1.7-2.3
Tapping Screw 2.0-2.3
Dimensions(mm) Grip diameter Ø32.5
Length 192
Weight(g) 320
Bit Type HIOS H4
Cord Length 1.5m (5P)
Adapted power unit T-30BL/T-70BL

If you would like to order hexagonal bit(special order), no bit would be attatched. Please purchase standard measure bit in the markets.


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