Brand: Yako Chemicals
Product Code: DURAPREP™ SSP-2000
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Cleaner & Adhesion Promoter For

Innerlayers, Flexible Composites, Coverlays, and LPI Soldermasks



DURAPREP SSP-2000 is an acid cleaning system that removes foil manufacturers

chromate conversion coatings and conditions substrates for direct dry film lamination without a microetch.

The DURAPREP SSP-2000 System removes oils, fingerprints, oxides, tarnish, and chromates, and leaves a treated surface that retards oxidation and enhances the adhesion of dry film photopolymers.

The DURAPREP SSP-2000 System eliminates the need for any additional process chemistries prior to lamination.



• A true one-step cleaning system…

• Cleans oxides, tarnish, oils, & fingerprints

• Removes chromate conversion coatings

• Allows for cleaner developing & stripping

• Cleans and prepares flexible circuit finals for coverlay lamination

• Easily controlled; replenishable; long lived



DURAPREP SSP-2000 can be used for primary cleaning of innerlayers; flex circuits;

panel plate & etch; and tent & etch. Also used for cleaning etched finals prior to

laminating Kapton coverlays and LPI soldermasks with excellent adhesion.


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