Mesh Screen Cleaner - SC-MM7E

Brand: Sawa Corporation
Product Code: Mesh Screen Cleaner - SC-MM7E
Specifications: SC-MM7E.pdf
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Clean even fine mesh screen

Ultrasonic cleaningSpray nozzle cleaningRinsingAir-drying



■ Clean #500 mesh screen with our special technology

■ Drying structure is adopted as a standard model

■ Rinsing structure is adopted as a standard model


  • Suitable for user cleaning many screens a day.
  • Best for users have several pattern screens.
  • Most appropriated for users suffering from fine pattern screens.


Cleaning structure


Cleaning effect



Product No. SC-MM7E
Outside Dimension W 1630 D 1100 H 2057 mm
Weight 400kg )
Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 550VA
Ultrasonic frequency 40kHz 
Ultrasonic output 300W
Input Air Supply 0.45~0.5MPa
Air Consumption 800NL/min (Peak)
Exhaust Air Wind 5m/sec
Applicable Stencil Size 550×600mm~1000×1000mm
(for other sizes please contact us).
Cleaning Time Approx. 3 minutes - ※
Drying Time Approx. 8 minutes - ※

※ Condition : using 880 × 880mm mesh screen & recommended solvent HA-1245U

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