Tank Type Cleaner - SC-145GAE

Brand: Sawa Corporation
Product Code: Tank Type Cleaner - SC-145GAE
Specifications: SC-145GAE.pdf
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Important to clean Metal Stencil and Squeegee completly!

Ultrasonic cleaning


  • It may be connected with SAWA cLEAN automatic metal stencil cleaner. It may not need to purchase the Ultrasonic Generator (SC-145GAE) if the customer already installed SAWA automatic stencil cleaner.
    SC-145GAE may be operated by the same generator inside automatic stencil cleaners.
  • A lid and drain valve included


■ Cleaning Squeegees

■ Cleaning Scraper, Spatula

■ Cleaning Test Printed PCBs

Cleaning Principle

Power of cleaning Squeegee

By emitting ultrasonic wave into cleaning tank, it makes solvent convection and cavitations in tank. With this system, various types of parts can be cleaned without taking complicated shaped squeegee apart.








Product Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank
Outside Dimension W 660 D 295 H 240 mm 
Inside Dimension W 620 D 180 H 160 mm
Tank Capacity 13 L
Depth 120mm 
Connection Cord 1.8 m
Weight 11 kg


Product Ultrasonic Generator
Outside Dimension W 175 D 310 H 180mm
Power AC100V  50/60Hz  350VA
Power 50/60Hz  650VA
AC code 1.8 m 
Weight 12 kg
Ultrasonic Output 40kHz / 300W


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