GAM850 BGA Vision Rework Station Automatic

Brand: Ambitec Corp
Product Code: GAM850 BGA Vision Rework Station Automatic
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  1. Put the SMD components automatically to prevent the instable quality from manual operation.
  2. Use high-effect heater that can remove/mount SMD components efficiency by adjusting the temperature between 50?~350?.
  3. Correct the control time with dynamical system immediately to ensure the situation of temperature.
  4. Special design of preheater with 4KW IR heater and a mechanism against crooked PCB.
  5. All in one with firm structure.
  6. Divide images of components fast and precisely by a triangular prism system.
  7. Provide a display temperature immediately.
  8. PC base and touch panel, easy operation.
  9. Suitable for the different devices of heater and SMD components.
  10. Accurate counterpoint system, easy to operate.
  11. Heating up fast and stable with hot air and infrared-ray double technologies.
  12. Using PC base control system to monitor all the works.
  13. 1000 temp setting can be saved.



  1. Apply to electronic assembly and manufacture in reworking and maintaining operation.
  2. High stability PCB, SMD components remove/mount, reflow station.
  3. Remove/mount the components of PBGA, UBGA, CSP, PLCC, QFP, SOJ, MSP, SOP, etc.
  4. Suitable for large size of PCB.




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