SST X6 Reflow Oven Checker

Brand: Ambitec Corp
Product Code: SST X6 Reflow Oven Checker
Availability: Out Of Stock

  1. New Type Reflow Checker, 50 hours detect time, easily download and easy to read the data.
  2. Windows interface, high compatibility
  3. 6 channel (as the machine selects)to keep measuring of temperature in the reflow oven
  4. Need not to add the length of thermocouple cables
  5. Powerful software, provide variety of function, like the temperature curve, time analysis, help to achieve perfection temperature
  6. Operation depends on a single-button, user friendly

USB Interface, could connect PC or laptop.


K.TYPE Theromo

Heatproof Adhesive Tape

Rack of PCB/Mainframe

Battery, heatproof gloves

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