KP100 Semi-auto printer

Brand: Ambitec Corp
Product Code: KP100 Semi-auto printer
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  1. Applied to diverse stencils.
  2. Easy to operater.
  3. Easy to change the lines.
  4. Easy to get high precision result.


  1. Applied to diverse stencils:Stencil plate arm adopts high-accuracy square rail make about competence slip and move, it is smooth going and suits for various stencil.
  2. Easy to operater:Humanization controls interface; easy to operate.
  3. Easy to change the lines: Platform has no interval to finely adjustment, with changes the line not only corrects but also fast. The distance is adjusted to print between the stencils; it offers merely short time adjustment and high accuracy by percentage form make for moving from basis.
  4. Easy to get high precision result:With the rule belt, moves steadily, print and cover the high precision when the head transmission adopts the high-accuracy square rail to print. Print the integrative shaping of the complexion of seats, have long life spin; will not influence the precision even though its mechanism is out of shape.

[ Applied industry ]

Applied for SMT, PCB, LCD, IC packaging and semiconductor industries...etc.

Custom-made products are available (for special specifications of other industries).

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