Inline Soldering Robot SOLDER MEISTER UNIX-700

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Product Code: Inline Soldering Robot SOLDER MEISTER UNIX-700
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Inline Soldering Robot SOLDER MEISTER UNIX-700

Offering epoch-making professional soldering robots, 9 types aong 3 categories Soldering-tip, laser and ultrasonic soldering units are installable on any of the three kinds, SCARA, Cartesian and vertically articulated robots

The "solder feed encoder" detects not only depletion, clogging and feed amount of the solder which were detected separately in the past but also the slips of wire solders at a time which were not able to be detected.

  • The solder feed operates in synchronization with the robot.
    The robot automatically computes the solder feed speed in soldering.
  • You can set soldering conditions freely, not considering patternized ones.
  • Capable of monitoring the temperature of soldering iron tip. (option)
  • Entering solder material information in advance allows the robot to automatically compute the solder amount once supplied and warns the depletion of solder.


Teaching box

Soldering iron tip cleaner UJC-214

Tip position correction sensor Wire brush cleaner


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