Automatic soldering controller SOLDER KING USC-881/USC-881S

Brand: Japan Unix Co. Ltd
Product Code: Automatic soldering controller SOLDER KING USC-881/USC-881S
Specifications: C00242.pdf
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Get Japan Unix's soldering know-how for your facility. The most advanced automated soldering controller with ultimate product controllability with maximum 2032 soldering programs.


  • New type of soldering controller SOLDER KING which integrates several quality control functions for automation line
  • Real-time monitoring of iron tip temperature with PC software. 
  • Alarm records and calender fucntion.
  • Visible interface of I/O connections and system ready status.
  • Applicable to use with laser soldering and ultrasonic soldering system.
  • Color LCD touch panel display.
  • Large volume of programs/16 workpiece set (Max.2032 soldering conditions)

Attaching a thermocouple sensor to the input terminal enables the SOLDER KING to measure and control the temperature profile in it.

Past alarms (depletion or clogging of solder) can be saved as history. Its calendar function allows you to specify the date and the time of the abnormality.

You can check activation conditions item by item and ON/OFF status of the external I/O in the monitor.

The SOLDER KING can be installed on laser/ultrasonic soldering devices as well as soldering-iron soldering devices.

The 4.7-inch full color touch panel facilitates your operation. Display languages are selectable, allowing you to use the SOLDER KING in some countries. (English, Japanese etc.)

A separate touch panel type, designed in consideration of the combined use with Factory Automation equipment, is also available.

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