Soldering Controller For Automation Line/Wire feeder integrated [USP-870]

Brand: Japan Unix Co. Ltd
Product Code: USP-870
Specifications: C00107.pdf
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Realization of high function.
Moreover miniature,lightweight and low cost.

  • 15 kinds of soldering conditions can be selected the most.
  • It is easy to save and duplicate data by connecting to a personal computer by means of RS-232C.
  • It is easy to see the display by means of the data indication with 7 segments.
  • The allowable range of power source is AC100 to 120V ±10%.
  • It is possible to set 2 kinds of heater temperatures i.e. normal time condition and idling time condition.
  • Timing for shift output can be chosen (4kinds).
  • Secondary preheating and third soldering were added.
  • Battery is not necessary because of using EPROM for memory.
  • Variable range of the heater ready timer is 0 to 99sec.
  • Software corresponding to WINDOWS is provided.
  • Two types of solder feeder, feeder incorporated type and feeder seprarately placed type, are provided.
  • This item has a current CE Marking approval.


*1: Solder splashing / solder ball prevention mechanism. (Optional)

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