Nitrogen Gas Generator (4.0L/min) [UNX-400]

Brand: Japan Unix Co. Ltd
Product Code: [UNX-400]
Specifications: Nitrogen_Gas_Gen_Outline.pdf
Specifications: C00137.pdf
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Realizing the best downsizing in the world!
Nitrogen gas is obtainted only by applying compressed air (4-7 kg/cm2).

  • Compatible with Eutectic Solder, High Temperature Solder and Lead-Free Solder.
  • Electric power is unnecessary. (Only compressed air is necessary.)
  • Simplified installation and operation.
    Nitrogen gas is produced only by connecting the generator to compressed air (4-7 kg/cm2).
    The concentration and flow of nitrogen gas produced can be adjusted simply by adjusting the supply air pressure and flow of nitrogen gas.
  • Simple and compact structure.
  • Endless operation is possible.
    No cylinder is used for nitrogen gas, thus, no time is spent for gas balance examination and cylinder replacement.
  • Maintenance free.
    The generator does not require any maintenance work because the electric and driving sections are absent.
  • Neither noise nor dust arises.
    Neither noise nor dust arises because the generator is not equipped with a driving section.

  • Preventing solder oxidation during soldering.
  • Blowing N2 during heat treatment and metal processing.
  • Blowing N2 inside the pipe.
  • Blowing N2 around tanks containing flammable materials.
  • Preventing various substances from being oxidized including chemicals, cosmetics and foodstuffs.
  • Sealing explosive materials, replacing nitrogen gas cylinders and use for laser processing machines.
  • Resin molding and use for washers.

* Nitrogen gas generation capacity: The concentration of generated nitrogen gas depends on the air pressure.

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