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SD-3500 Hot Air Connector Removal Machine


Hot Air Reflow Heating Source
Prevents Dissolution of PCB Lands and using N2 Will Reduce Oxidation.
Eliminates the need for solder replacement, only requires electricity and air.

Built-in Preheater
No Need for Separate Preheat which Significantly Reduces Board Stress.

Compact Front Control Panel
Smartly arranged front panel allows for quick start-up and use.

7 Segment LED Display 
Equipped with a 7 segment display that shows temperature and a variety of other errors. Allows confirmation of the work.

External Thermo-couple Input
Solder melt temperature can be measured by connecting a K-type thermocouple to the solder area. Allows for a more controlled method of working instead of working by "feel."

Internal Memory and Security Functions
Up to 10 different profiles can be stored into memory and called up with a simple touch of a button. Unauthorized change of a profile can be prevented by using the security setting which prevents the user from changing the profile.

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