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Soldering Iron tip Thermometer UNI-SENSOR701A
Japan Unix Co. Ltd

By using soldering iron tip sensor which has been specifically designed for soldering iron tips(UNI-9), temperature of a soldering iron tip can be precisely measured.

Measuring range: Normal temperature to +500 degree Celsius


  • Suitable for measuring temperature of soldering iron tips

            Sensor type: UNI-9 Measuring tip temperature

  •  Easy to use

            Directly connecting sensor and main unit.

  • Accurate readout through digital display system.

            Quick response allows you to perform work speedily.

  • Accurate temperature measurement

            Automatic cold junction compensating circuits for high precision.

  • Various sensors according to application.

            Extension compensating wire used enables appropriate use of UNI-SENSOR 701A according to the type of application.

UNI series sensors comprising a group of many sensors applicable to various applications

Surface sensor
P/N: UNI-1
Temperature Range:-50~+200℃

A constant contact pressure secured by the spring mechanism allows precise measurement of surface temperature (FE sheet metal, PC board, IC, etc.).


Sticker type sensor
Temperature Range:-30~+200℃

Use the sensor by fixing at measurement location with heat resistant tape (FE PC boards).


Internal temperature sensor
P/N: UNI-2
Temperature Range-100~+500℃

The sensor is capable of measuring the temperature of solder in solder baths.


Soldering iron tip sensor
Temperature Range:Nomal~+500℃

The sensor is capable of precise temperature measurement at the tip of soldering irons.


Sheathe type temperature sensor
P/N: UNI-15B

500mm×φ2.3internal temperature sensor. The sensor is ideal for measuring the internal temperature of Solder Wire Pre-Heater.


■Extension compensating

Extension compensating
P/N: UNI-4

The extension cable is convenient for temperature measurement at elevated or narrow locations.


■Example of application

Measuring surface of solder pod

Measuring internal solder temperature in solder pod

Measureing the component's temperature


1, Standard Soldering iron tip set
  • Storage case
  • Main unit(UNI-120)
  • Iron tip sensor(UNI-9)
2, Full option set


Set includes storage case, main unit, Extension cable UNI-4 and sensors below
Sensors included: UNI-1,UNI-2,UNI-8A,UNI-9

3, Soldering iron tip and Solder pod measurement set


The set includes storage case, main unit and sensors below.



Model UNI-120
Input TYPE/K(CA)
Resolution 0.1℃(in-99~199.9℃)/1℃(in200℃~1200℃)
Accuracy ±0.5%,±0.1℃ to a readout
Power source 9V、006P Alkaline battery
Operating time Approx. 100hours
Operating environment 0~40℃/20~85%RH
Weight of main unit Approx. 180g(Including battery)
Outline dimensions W:187×H:42×D:24

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