SD-3500 Hot Air Connector Removal Machine

Product Code: SD-3500 Hot Air Connector Removal Machine
Specifications: SD-3500.pdf
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Hot Air Reflow Heating Source
Prevents Dissolution of PCB Lands and using N2 Will Reduce Oxidation.
Eliminates the need for solder replacement, only requires electricity and air.

Built-in Preheater
No Need for Separate Preheat which Significantly Reduces Board Stress.

Compact Front Control Panel
Smartly arranged front panel allows for quick start-up and use.

7 Segment LED Display 
Equipped with a 7 segment display that shows temperature and a variety of other errors. Allows confirmation of the work.

External Thermo-couple Input
Solder melt temperature can be measured by connecting a K-type thermocouple to the solder area. Allows for a more controlled method of working instead of working by "feel."

Internal Memory and Security Functions
Up to 10 different profiles can be stored into memory and called up with a simple touch of a button. Unauthorized change of a profile can be prevented by using the security setting which prevents the user from changing the profile.

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