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Tank Type Cleaner - SC-HP339E
Sawa Corporation


1. Carrier pallets cleaning

2. Test printed PCBs cleaning

3. Parts in wave soldering system cleaning

4. Parts in reflow oven cleaning

5. Squeegee cleaning

6. ICT pins cleaning

How to Use:

Cleaning principle

By emitting ultrasonic wave into cleaning tank, it makes solvent convection and cavitation in tank. With this system, various types of parts can be cleaned.


Product Ultrasonic cleaning tank
Outside dimention W:490×D:550×H:400 mm
Inside dimention W:400×D:350×H:270 mm
Cleaning basket dimension W:355×D:305×H:244 mm
Tank capacity Volume 30 liters,Solvent depth 210mm
AC code 1.8 m
Weight 21 kg
Product Ultrasonic Generator
Outside dimention W:254×D:360×H:161mm (Excluding Projection Parts)
Power AC100,110,120,220,240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption(VA) 650VA
AC Code 1.8 m
Weight 20kg
Ultrasonic 40kHz 650W

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