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LDX-60/120/180 Bobbin-less Label Dispenser
Yaesu Keikogyo Co Ltd

  • Compact Body     No need to big place to put.
  • Bobbin-Less         Easy to set the label roll.
  • Six different kinds of mode
            Auto/Manual mode
            Count Up/Count Down mode
            Label Setting mode
            Speed Setting mode
  • Easy to remove backing paper.
  • Label useable length from 10 mm to 999 mm.


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Q: What is the differences in LDX60, 120, and 180?
A: That is the width of the label, 60mm for LDX60, 120mm for LDX120, and 180mm for LDX180.

Q: What is the size for label that can be used with?
A: It is possible to remove the label with the length more than 10mm.(the width is from 15mm.)

Q: Is it possible to change the speed for label feed? 
A: It can be adjusted by 6 different speed as depends on the application.

Q: Is it possible to detect the transparent label? 
A: It depends on the label. Some cases will be possible, and some cases will be impossible.

Q: Do you have demo machines in all types of the machines? 
A: Yes, we have demo machines in all types of the machines.

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