Model HY-Pulse 900A Fluxless / Eutectic Solder Station

Brand: HYBOND, Inc.
Product Code: Model HY-Pulse 900A Fluxless / Eutectic Solder Station
Specifications: hypulse900.pdf
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Model HY-PULSE 900A is a stand alone variable time pulse heat generating system which allows virtually immediate supply of heat to a centralized point and quickly removes the heat as well.

The system can deliver a temperature ramp from ambient to 400 degrees Celsius and back to ambient in an average time of three seconds. The amount of time the heat remains at its plateau can be adjusted for longer or shorter durations by a front panel adjustment.

The HY-PULSE 900A is used in applications that require no "scrubbing," parts that cannot be heated for more than a short period of time, rework of pre-soldered parts or where only one area requires heat beyond a certain point.

In applications requiring precise pick, place and scrub of devices, Hybond suggests the integration of the HY-PULSE 900A with our Model UDB-140A Semiautomatic Eutectic Die Bonder.

Standard Features
  • Variable Time Pulse Heat Generator
  • External Trigger Jack
  • Thermocouple For Ramped Heat Feedback
  • Test/Ramp Actuation Button On Front Panel
  • Pulse Duration Adjustment On Front Panel
  • Dual Temperature Work Stage
  • Thermocouple For Fixed Heat Readout
  • Work Stage Inlet For Cover Gas
  • Work Stage Heats Cover Gas
  • Temperature Controller (Model 400A) included

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