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ZCUT-3AS Auto Tape Dispenser
Yaesu Keikogyo Co Ltd



  • Countermeasure against electrostatic problem this model is suitable to apply on sensitive,
        precision work piece.
  • To avoid electrostatic problem, we always need to pay attention to every environment.
  • ZCUT-AS is designed as for withstand multiple purposes.
  • The body is made of stainless steel without any plastic parts.
        The voltage reading for static type is less than 5 volts.
  • It gets more effective by using anti-static tape.

Cut Length 40 - 999mm
Tape Width 15 - 60mm
Max Outside Diameter 200mm
Hobin 76mm
Removal Voltage Less than 5 volts
*Anti-static tape must be used.
Dimensions 190 x 290 x 250mm (W x H x D)
Weight 11.5kg

*Specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Q: How long does a blade or a blade unit last?
A: It depends on how many tapes customer cuts in a day, and what kind of tape they are cutting.
We have some expectations for how long a blade or a blade unit lasts, but it depends on types of machine.
Please contact us for the details.

Q: What kind of tapes can it cut? 
A: Our products are designed to cut many kinds of tape, however, some of usable tapes may not
cut depends on tape manufacturer. If you have decided what kind of tape to use, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Is there a demo machine for all of products? 
A: We have demo machines for ZCUT-3080, ZCUT-3150, ZCUT-3250 at all times but we do not
have demo machines for ZCUT-3080, 3150, 3250 which require sample tapes before an order.

Q: Can we use in cleanroom? 
A: Yes, if you use a decent quality of anti-static.

Q: What kind of blade is used for this machine? 
A: We use a very popular NT cutter blade.



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