Auto Mask Cleaner Model: TWC-200A

Brand: Technovision Inc
Product Code: TWC-200A
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"TWC-200A" fully automatic mask cleaning system is a cleaning equipment to remove theresist residues and larger than 1μm particles adhering to the mask automatically. 

"TWC-200A" Cassette to cassette fully automatic mask cleaning system which is supported for dedicated chemicals.
It has been achieved to improved productivity.

The drying adopted the heated deionized water drying from the conventional air knife drying. It is designed with no need for adjustment of water splashes.

Supports mask size up to 7 inches maximum. Just press the "Start" button after the device was set to cassette that can be set only 20 pieces.

Replenishment chemicals will be "swapped in the state of liquid tank purchased". It is the work of the cap replacement.
Chemical is available in four types, we propose something that fits your needs.



■Best suited for cleaning of photomask larger than 1μm design rule L / S(Line and space)

such as FPD (flat panel display), MEMS devices, fine patterns PCB / FPC / TAB, compound semiconductor, electronic components and thin film.



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