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Quadrio 1 plasma cleaning for one leadframe Quadrio 1
The model Quadrio 1 is a compact plasma cleaning system suitable for in line operation. 
Typical applications are: 
  • • Oxide removal on copper leadframes prior to wire bonding 
    • Organic decontamination prior to wire bonding 
    • Adhesion promoter prior to moulding 
    • Adhesion promoter of die attach materials on leadframes or PBGA strips 
    • Flux removal from semiconductor packages or hybrids 
    • Adhesion promoter for Flip Chip packages prior to Underfill 
    • General activation, cleaning and decontamination
• This system can process one leadframe per cycle 
• UPH:                                    120
• Dimensions:                          500 x 1350 x 1800h mm 
• Weight:                                400 Kg 
• Power:                                 Single Phase 100-240 V 50 /60Hz, 2.5 KVA 
• Air:                                      Dry 3—6 bar 
• RF:                                      300 Watts @13.56 Mhz + Auto Tuner 
• Exhaust port:                        NW25 • 1 gas line standard + 1 optional 
• Maxi leadframe dimensions:    280 x 80 x 1 h mm 
• Mini leadframe dimensions:    130x25x0.1 h mm 
• CE Certified 
• Safety covers and interlocks
  Process Flow
The system includes a universal interface conveyor which receives the substrate from the upstream system, makes it available for the plasma system and re-presents the substrate to the downstream system via SMEMA 1.2 protocol. Ready to interface with standard belt and ASM style conveyors.

Quadrio 1’s plasma chamber is equipped with a door to allow loading of the substrate. 
Once in the chamber, the substrate is brought to vacuum in a few seconds, process gas is inserted and plasma is activated. 
Once the plasma time has expired, the chamber is vented and the substrate is reloaded on the conveyor. 
At this point, a new substrate is loaded in the chamber, while the processed one is sent to the downstream system.
This system is suitable for medium pressure plasma processes in the range of 0.15 to 0.9 mbar and can operate with the following gases:
  • • AR/H2 95/5 % 
    • N2/H2 95/5 % 
    • AR/O2 in various mix ranges 
    • O2 
    • Other gases at request
The inside of the machine is fully extractable without moving the main frame. 
This allows easy maintenance in line.
conveyor to plasma chamber plasma cleaning plasma cleaning with leadframe cleaned leadframe

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