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Philo compact plasma cleaning system  
Philo is developed especially for those customers who need a standard platform which cane be customized to host different applications. 
The machine is built with excellent materials and all parts are inserted in a robust aluminium frame. 
The model PHILO is a compact plasma cleaning system suitable for batch operation. Typical applications are: 
  • • Organic decontamination prior to wire bonding 
    • Adhesion promoter prior to moulding 
    • Adhesion promoter of die attach materials on substrates 
    • Flux removal from semiconductor packages , hybrids or automotive products 
    • General activation, cleaning and decontamination 
    • 3”, 4” ,6” and 8” wafer cleaning
Dimensions:                            900 x 1600 x 1500h mm 
Weight:                                  400 Kg 
Power:                                   Single Phase 220-240 V 50 Hz, 2.0 KVA 
Air:                                        Dry 3—6 bar 
Exhaust port:                          NW25 
Control:                                  PLC (6” LCD Touch screen)
CE Certified 
Safety covers and interlocks

Material:                                 Aluminium 
Dimensions:                            350 x 350 x 100h mm 
Maximum Product dimensions: Application dependent 

Electrode system 
Material:                                  Aluminium 
Geometry:                               &nbspplanar 
Plasma type:                            &nbspDirect 

Pumping system
BOC RV12 Fomblin Oil Pump

Gas system
1 gas lines with digital Mass Flow Controller

RF system
13.56 MHz 300W generator with auto tuner 

  Process Flow
The plasma chamber is equipped with a door to allow loading of the products. 
Once in the chamber, the products are brought to vacuum, the process gas is inserted and plasma is activated. 
Once the plasma time has expired, the chamber is vented.
This system is suitable only for high pressure plasma processes in the range of 0.3 to 0.9 mbar and can operate only with the following gases: 
  • • AR/H2 95/5 % 
    • N2/H2 95/5 % 
    • AR/O2 in various mix ranges 
    • O2

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