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Soldering Station - Lead Free Compatible Soldering Iron/Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter Integrated [UNICON-107F]
Japan Unix Co. Ltd

Equipped with a safety control sensor, the First in the world (Patented).



  • The POWER switch is automatically turned off to secure safety.
  • Energy saving function is provided. The heater temperature is dropped to the READY level during standby. (The temperature is auotmatically reset when the operator picks up the iron.)
  • If the operator starts working before the iron tip reaches the set temperature, the buzzer sounds.
  • Temperature control lock using codes is possible.
  • Leak current is minimized due by using a 24V heater.
  • Proportion control, selection of turning on and off are possible.
  • The temperature of the iron tip can be set freely from 200 to 450°C.
  • Temperature units displayed can also be changed between °C and °F.
  • The heater temperature rises very quickly.
  • Any trouble is including heater burn-out, abnormal temperature, sensor burn-out and short circuiting, and the power is automatically disconnected after one minute.
  • Sufficient countermeasures have been provided to prevent Electrostatic Discharge (E.S.D.).
  • This item has a current CE Marking approval.


Temperature warm-up property of iron tip
Only 20 seconds to 300°C!
Surprising temperature warm-up

The table shows the results of the test on the "heater temperature warm-up property" of the UNICON-107(S).
Look at the excellent "high-speed heating". It takes only some 20 seconds for the tip of the iron to warm up to the optimum temperature of 300°C after the switch is turned on. This marvellous high-speed heating property is sure to help widely improve your production efficiency and acceptance rates of your products.


Standard constitution
Product code UNICON-107SF UNICON-107MF
Heater power 50W 70W
Main body U107F-ST
Handpiece U107SN-HD U107MN-HD
*The other accessories for standard package: handpiece bench stand, cleaning sponge and one iron tip (selectable).


Station unit
Product code U107F-ST
Outline dimensions
Weight 3kg
Input power AC100V / 115V / 220V 10%, 50/60Hz
Output voltage AC24V
Temperature range 200 to 450
Temperature accuracy 10 from setting values
Power cord 2m


Hand piece
Product code U107SN-HD U107MN-HD
Heater power 50W 70W
Full length *2 215mm 225mm
Weight *2 70g 90g
Sensor Type K Thermocouple
Tip-to-Ground Resistance Less than 2
Cord 1.5m
*1 Excluding protrusion and cord
*2 Excluding cord



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