Measurement Contact Angle

Brand: SCI Automation
Product Code: CAM2
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CAM2 (Contact Angle Measurement for semiconductor, Substrates and Leadframes) is a manual contact angle meter suitable for measuring the contact angle on semiconductor substrates to verify the surface energy before and after plasma cleaning. This instrument is suitable for clean room production area. Easy to use with powerful editing software which allows easy report drafting during operation.
Hardware Specifications
Dimensions:                                  1140 x 560 x 465h mm
Table dimensions:                          280 x 280 mm
X axis Stroke:                               250 mm
Y axis Stroke:                                250 mm
Z axis Stroke:                                20 mm

Vacuum port on Table
Stainless steel substrate holding pins
Integrated Sub-Micro litre Dispenser
High quality CCD camera
High quality LED back light
Power supply included
Embedded PC with Windows XP
17" LCD Screen
CE Marked

Software Specifications
Window based software 
Four measurements modes
  • • Base Line
    • Curved Base Line
    • 2 Arcs
    • Contour
Allows Capture and Save of Drop Images
Allows Recording of Plasma process parameters
Allows Saving of record data to cvs file for report editing or Excel file (Optional)

Vacuum Pump
Heated table Max 150° C
plasma measure table substrate water drop plasma substrate view

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