Pistol attachment

Brand: HIOS
Product Code: Pistol attachment
Availability: Out Of Stock

This attachment converts a standard driver to a pistol-style driver.

For Brushless Screwdriver

□PAB-70 (Compatible models:BL-7000)    
□PAB-18 (Compatible models: VB-1820、VB-3012)    
□PAB-18PS (Compatible models: VB-1820PS、VB-3012)    

・For Brush Screwdriver
□PA-65 (Compatible models:CL-6000、CL-6500、CL-7000、SS-6500、α-6500)    
□PA-18 ※ (Compatible models: VZ driver・Lever start type)    
□PA-18PS ※ (Compatible models: VZdriver・Push start type)    
    ※Except forVZ-1510、VZ-1510PS


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