BN Bit for Hexagonal Head Bolts

Brand: HIOS
Product Code: BN Bit for Hexagonal Head Bolts
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Type(Dia. at
Ø )
Driver Model
Nut across flat(mm) Overall Length(mm)
standard type
H4(Ø4) 2.3、2.5、3.0 40
4.0、4.5、5.0、5.5、6.0、7.0、8.0、9.0 60
10.0 60
H5(Ø5) 4.0、4.5、5.0、5.5、6.0、6.35 60
7.0、8.0 80
9.0、10.0、11.0、12.0、13.0、14.0、17.0 80

One order for standard bits should not be less than one pack (10 pieces).

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