BLG- 5000 BC2 Series

Product Code: BLG-5000 BC2
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Start type Lever and Push-to start (two-way)
Output Torque Range N・m 0.2-1.2
Ibf・in 1.7-10
(kgf・cm) (2-12)
Torque Switching Stepless adjustment
Unloaded Rotation Speed (rpm) ±10% HI 1.000
LOW 690
Screw Size (mm) Machine Screw 2.0-3.0
Tapping Screw 2.0-3.0
Drive size HIOS Shank H4
Hexagonal Shank H5 & 5HEX or 1/4HEX
Power Suppy T-30BL -
Bit type H4 +#1(Φ4.0×40mm) +#2(Φ4.0×40mm)
H5 -
1/4HEX +#1(5.0×50mm) +#2(5.0×50mm) -(5.0×50mm)
Spring -
Cord length (m) 2m(6P)
HEX L-wrench WAF: 5mm (1pc)

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